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What Things You Should Do if You Have Mold in Your HVAC Ducts?

Mold is frequently visible on walls and ceilings; however, it can also be in the AC ducts. Even if you can’t see it, you might sense its occurrence. Mold signs emit a moldy odor and you may experience mold exposure symptoms that are alike to allergic reactions such as irritated nose, coughing, wheezing, etc. If you are experiencing this or anything similar then it is necessary to hire someone for HVAC cleaning and service. It may also make your home or office more energy efficient lowering your monthly bill!

How Mold Cultivates in HVAC?

Mold spores are all over the place. Unfortunately, it is challenging to get rid of all the mold spores in your house, and even if you did, more would come when you open the door or window. When spores nurture into mold, further spores are released, and these deliberations of spores are what cause the health and well being problems connected with mold. Thus, the key is to avert the mold from developing in the first place. And if the problem already exists then you would need to call Mold Remediation professionals for HVAC cleaning and air duct cleaning.

Moisture and an organic food can be two sources where mold can grow. Dampness can come from high moisture, or a leak that is not cleaned up appropriately. Condenser and evaporator coils are the key providers to condensation, and hence have the potential for water seepage if not appropriately sapped. The food source can be the surface the mold is evolving, like wood or carpet, or organic particles found in dust.

Under most environments, HVAC ducts are not hospitable spaces for mold to develop. Sheet metal ducts and Styrofoam conduits inside window units do not provide mold a food source. However, dust often gathers in these places, which can let mold to cultivate.

The simplest prevention to mold growth is often times a simple cleaning.

If you are suspicious mold is hiding in the HVAC vents, take fast action and follow these guidelines:

Halt the HVAC unit

 If you know or are suspicious that mold is developing in your AC ducts, don’t run the HVAC system. Doing so stops mold from dispersion throughout your house.

Acquire a mold test

Mold is frequently muddled with dirt or dust and you could lose your time and money in the elimination process. To confirm that the growth in your HVAC vents is mold, contact a certified mold remediation inspector for HVAC Cleaning coils and air duct servicing. They examine the samples taken from the air ducts. Moreover, find out when and how you should have cleaned the air duct. A professional will inspect the air duct type and check what the ductwork is made of – fiberglass, flex duct or metal sheet.

Depending on the duct material category, various cleaning techniques and different costs may apply. Eliminating mold from bare sheet metal is significantly simpler than other materials. However, if your ducts are made of fiberglass or isolated internally with fiberglass duct liner, they can’t be thoroughly cleaned and should be restored.

Hire a mold removal company like Pure Air Nation

Even eliminating mold from your sheet metal ducts is quite difficult, time-consuming, and unsafe. The cleaning must be done carefully and accurately using specialized instruments and cleaners to prevent mold from growing back. A specialized mold removal company can also report the causes which allowed mold to grow in the first place leading to longer and safer conditions moving forward.

Know who you hire

Ensure the company you hire for HVAC cleaning adheres to standards and uses the preferred tools and products. Pure Air Nation only uses hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants and has over a decade of combined field experience.

Prevent mold in HVAC vents

Once the mold is eliminated following specific procedures, figure out what caused it to cultivate and take steps to eradicate the causes. Follow the below mentioned HVAC mold prevention steps:

-Control the humidity levels in your home

Use a dehumidifier if your house is prone to high-level moisture.

-Fix water leaks and remove standing water 

Make sure that AC drain pans incline toward the open drain. This helps eliminate still water under cooling coils of HVAC units.

– You have to make sure that HVAC components and drain pans are accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, you can check out more HVAC water damage avoidance tips online. However, always confirm with multiple sources as there can be many misleading websites online. When in doubt contact a Pure Air Nation professional. We provide in-house inspections for free.

Wrapping up

Mold growing in your HVAC system is a severe issue, because it lets mold spores expand throughout the space or even whole home. HVAC cleaning and service is a daunting task and can take a lot of your time.

A tip to avoid mold in HVAC systems is to control humidity and prevent it from occurring at all. Or if the mold issue already exists then there is a need to hire Mold Remediation Pittsburgh specialists. You can rely on the Pure Air Nation team to get rid of the mold, musty odor or other that is present in your HVAC system. We got this!

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