Let us admit it: That perfect Parisian décor or those beautiful wood and upholstery designs in every room of yours will not make your home look good – unless they are thoroughly cleaned.

So, how do you ensure a clean house while coping with the hectic modern-day lifestyle? By hiring professional home cleaning services.

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But that’s not easy either.

You may have a smorgasbord of questions about home cleaning services Pittsburgh, some of which may be:

“How long does it take to clean a 3-bedroom house?”

“What does a professional house cleaning include?”

“How do professionals clean the bathroom?”

“How to find the right home cleaning services near me”?

If that’s what’s been in the back of your head, we’re here to help you with the answers. And, of course, with some of the best home cleaning services you could ever hire.

So, if you’re ready to make your property spick and span, check out what we have to offer.

Pure Air Home Cleaning Services

For an aesthetically-pleasing, healthier home

If there’s something one can never get tired of seeing, it’s a beautiful home. To pursue the clean-home happiness, many of us even stock up on cleaning essentials.

But is that enough to make sure that our homes are always in order?

Not really.

Although maintaining a tidy and germ-free home is a worthy goal to strive for, store-bought regular cleaners are not the be-all, end-all. That’s because the majority of these products don’t work on those pesky stains, odors, or mold. Furthermore, most at-home cleaners require you to let the cleaning solution sit on the surface for 10+ seconds of dwell time to be effective. Most do not know this; thus, most do not follow this when cleaning their own homes.


Thus, you need more than those popular cleaning essentials to ensure your home is neat and germ-free. And that is where a professional touch and knowledge can make all the difference in your home’s cleaning.

At Pure Air, we follow a health-focused approach to cleaning that you cannot replicate with old-school cleaning processes or traditional maid services. But what is it that we do differently to ensure that your home looks cleaner and stays healthier?

Let’s find out.



Want to ensure your home is at its cleanest best? To this end, our first cleaning step involves disinfecting your entire home. And we do this using a powerful disinfectant that is effective at killing a host of bacteria, allergens, and viruses. It is hospital grade cleaner not just store-bought Lysol. That means we use the same things hospitals are required to use!


Avoiding Cross-Contamination

Your home may be a lot messier than you think. And cross-contamination is often the culprit. To prevent it, we use disinfected cleaning tools and fresh cleaning cloths for all our cleaning jobs. From buckets to vacuums, everything we use for our professional home cleaning services is disinfected, and every cleaning cloth is disinfected + laundered to ensure your family’s wellness


Customized Cleaning

At Pure Air, we make home cleaning a hassle-free affair. Whether you want one-time or ongoing cleaning, we are in for every requirement. We also offer spring and fall cleaning service, same day cleaning service, and moving cleaning service. And we can tackle the smallest of jobs too. Reach out to us for customized home cleaning services Pittsburgh that will help you keep your home neat as a pin.


Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Pure Air experts analyze every nook and corner of your home to address all your cleaning needs. Our comprehensive home cleaning services include window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, air duct cleaning, carpet and area rugs cleaning, furniture cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and more. So, use a hand while you’re at it and keep your home spotless. After all, you do more than just staying at your home. You live in it.


Why Choose Pure Air for Home Cleaning Services?

Your home needs more than a thorough once-over. But ensuring that your place remains the relaxing haven you have always dreamt it to be isn’t as easy as you may think. With our busy lifestyles, we’re often unable to keep up with the essential cleaning chores.

Pure Air takes the cleaning burden off you. And we don’t just clean your home. We spruce it up with our high-end services and years of experience. Unlike most of our competitors, we target more than visible grime. We focus on the unseen germs as well – the ones hiding in those less evident germ-breeding and mold-breeding areas.

We use our revolutionary fogging technique to go beyond the usual cleaning processes. And we do this with our hospital-grade disinfectant, which is 1/8th the size of a human hair. It penetrates deep where a human hand and usual household cleaners couldn’t even reach. We also offer a proprietary preventative spray that coats high-touch surfaces with a long-lasting clean that far exceeds traditional store-bought cleaners.

So, bidding goodbye to those lurking germs and viruses becomes easier when you hire the cleaning pros from Pure Air.

Keeping your health as top priority, we offer complete indoor cleaning solutions, including mold remediation and indoor air quality improvement services as well. Because we want you to live healthy and safe, besides living clean. And above all, we want you to live in a place that enhances your life not hinders it.

So, stop stressing over the mess and reach out to us for scheduling a free in-home estimate of our best home cleaning services.

Common Questions About Home Cleaning

Each house is different, and so are its cleaning requirements. Plus, the time taken to clean a house largely depends on the number of persons cleaning it. That said, cleaning a 3-bedroom house takes about 2 – 4 hours on average for a two-person crew.
A regular cleaning service typically involves making beds, mopping the floors, cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom(s), dusting all the surfaces, removing cobwebs, and vacuuming the house. We then finish by spraying our preventative spray on all high touch solutions for a long-lasting effect and clean.
Mostly, yes. There are companies offering home cleaning services Pittsburgh where their experts carry cleaning tools and equipment so that they have everything they need to do their job well. However, some companies provide just the equipment, leaving you responsible for arranging the essential cleaning supplies. Pure Air offers both. We will happily use your supplies if you prefer. We recommend using our supplies, however, as we have hospital grade disinfectants and a proprietary preventative spray.
With its high foot traffic and moisture levels, keeping a bathroom spotless is a tough job. Professionals usually do it by drying the bathroom first and then disinfecting it. It’s then followed by a rigorous cleaning session targeting the tub, showerhead, sink, toilet, floor, blinds, mirrors, shelves, and even drains. Moisture and wet areas are where Pure Air – a traditional mold remediation company – strives.