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When it is determined mold remediation is needed our team implements a treatment plan that targets the mold at its source. Eliminating it forever and improving air quality!


Containment is the use of temporary walls and barriers that cover open doorways and divide rooms. Our team implements the use of containment to isolate off the source of Mold damage services Pittsburgh from the rest of the structure as to not cause cross-contamination.

2-Negative Air and Air Scrubbing:

Negative air and air scrubbing are essential for polishing the air while protecting unaffected areas from contamination. Negative air puts the room under a vacuum, forcing fresh air in while preventing bad air out. Air scrubbing is the process of passing dirty air through HEPA filters to capture the mold spores, producing the cleanest air possible.

3-Removal of Building Materials:

Often times the removal of building materials is needed due to the severity of the mold. Our team strives to minimize the amount of building materials removed and often times we can avoid removing them all together.

4-HEPA Vacuuming:

Our team utilizes state of the art High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum technology to extract spores that are locked deep in porous materials like carpets and furniture.

5-Thorough Cleaning:

To ensure the most effective remediation possible, our team goes above and beyond to wipe down surfaces that may harbor stray mold spores. Our hospital grade cleaner makes easy work of those pesky mold spores and leaves your surfaces dust free and shining!


Wrapping up our 6 point treatment of your home or buissness is the Fogging of our hospital grade disinfectant. Our fog is 1/8th the size of a human hair and is able to penetrate deep into cracks and crevices that human hands could never reach, guaranteeing the most thorough job possible!

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Air Quality

Our team takes indoor air quality serious! WE are dedicated to purifying your home giving your family the cleanliest and purest air available. Making the Pittsburgh area healthy, happy and breathing better.

Poor indoor air quality can affect your productivity as well as your overall health. Many things can compromise indoor air quality, from mold to off-gassing of newly installed building materials. If you suspect you have an indoor air quality issue give our team of experts a call or schedule a consultation today. One of our team members will come out and develop an individualized treatment plan to solve the issue allowing you to enjoy your home once again keeping everyone happy, healthy and safe.


Odors can be a sign of a much bigger issue or as simple as a space needing a deep clean. Pure Air is committed to removing these odors leaving your home, office or investment property smelling fresh and clean.

We go to the source! Other companies will just mask the odor. Here at Pure Air we believe in digging deeper and attacking the odor at its source. Our products target the bacteria that causes the odor and kills it! Leaving your home fresh and clean.

Whether you’re a home owner, landlord or real-estate professional we have your back. That is what makes us the most popular mold removal and odor treatment company in Pittsburgh.

Give us a call next time you have a tenant turnover, new listing or are just in need of relief from an off putting smell.

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We all love a clean home. When we use our favorite cleaning products we would like to believe we are getting the best results possible. But sadly we are not getting the level of clean our families deserve. Fear not, Pure Air has the solution.

Unlike a traditional cleaning company that just attacks visible areas using much of the same store bought products you could purchase, our team at Pure Air attacks bacteria and viruses in areas where our competition would never dream of getting to. Our team uses traditional cleaning techniques but with a twist. Every home cleaning is capped off with hospital grade disinfectant fogging that is 1/8th the size of a human hair penetrating deep where a human hand and household cleaners could never touch. Competitive pricing with higher standards. Book a time with our calendar in the lower right corner or give us a call today to schedule your FREE in-home estimate today!

Air Duct Cleaning

The air we breathe is one of, if not the, most important aspects of our daily lives. Clean air can make a large difference on your family’s health and happiness or the productivity of your office. Pure Air Nation prides ourselves in making sure your home or workspace is safe, clean and habitable at the highest levels. This includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of your air ducts for both heating and air conditioning.

There are significant warning signs that your ducts may need cleaned and we recommend at least an inspection every six to twelve months. However, if you’re noticing mold, dust, rodents or insects then odds are your ducts may be a contributing factor and in need of a cleaning.

Additionally, if you recently bought a new home or did major renovations to your home then dust particles and debris may have infiltrated your ducts.

Finally, if you notice a spike in your energy costs this summer or winter it may be nothing more than clogged or unattended-to ducts. Give us a call to take a look and see if we can help you get your utility bills down and your family’s air safe and clean again. Most duct cleaning services take only an hour or two and are much more affordable than most expect.

Air Duct Cleaning Hvac Pittsburgh Clean Room

Scientific Testing

We provide scientific testing for mold as well as bacteria and viruses, in most cases results are available on the spot or within a few days. Give our experts a call to schedule your indoor air testing today. Better to be safe than sorry! We pride ourselves in being the fastest testing company available to the greater Pittsburgh area.

Indoor air quality testing
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Afraid mold will come back after the job is finished? Sadly, it usually does…

However, Pure Air has partnered with a team of scientists to develop our own proprietary preventative spray that we include in every job! There are numerous pitfalls of traditional cleaning and sanitation methods used by our competitors. In fact, we are not even aware that any of our competitors spray a preventative AT ALL!

Independent studies and tests have shown that our proprietary preventative spray prevents mold, bacteria and viruses from living on your surfaces without staining or altering the building material or fabric’s appearance. Our preventative spray does not use any harmful toxins, chemicals or metals which has allowed us to introduce our new preventative spray to construction sites, hospitals, schools and of course within homes to help prevent and kill harmful pathogen buildup.

In fact, our preventative spray is 100% US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and can even be applied to food contact surfaces!

In short, our proprietary preventative spray means the infected area will not reach dangerous levels AFTER the job is done. Our spray prevents the mold from colonizing and no colonization means NO health risk! You and your family can go back to living without stress. We can remove, clean and prevent all in one job making your life simple.

To read more about the science proving the efficacy of our proprietary preventative spray please head over here: www.pureairnation.com/prevent

Our Trusted Pittsburgh Partners

We have come across a variety of jobs in the greater Pittsburgh area and have built great relationships with other local Pittsburgh service providers. We are very happy to introduce you to them! Please check out our partners page: pureairnation.com/partners

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