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Disinfectant vs. Preventative

Pure Air has been disinfecting Pittsburgh area homes since the company was launched and has always used a hospital grade disinfectant that is EPA registered and approved for people, kids, and pets. However, given the turmoil in today’s world, we have begun offering a proprietary preventative spray as well to help keep Pittsburgh safer, for longer.

Most mold remediation companies offer disinfecting services, but only Pure Air offers disinfecting services PLUS preventative treatment in the greater Pittsburgh area. We have always gone above and beyond and our mission of educating our customers leads us here…

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Pure Air uses a hospital grade disinfectant – as do most mold remediation companies – which kills 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and mold within 10 minutes. We know this because our disinfectant is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved and this the EPA standard!

Disinfecting also helps eliminate odors caused by bacteria build up. We have been applying our disinfectant to any in-home or office surface since our company was founded. Some ‘common touch’ surfaces we apply our disinfectant to includes (but is not limited to):

  • Refrigerator door, microwave handle, door knobs, kitchen cabinets and pantry, trash cans, drawers, bathroom faucets, showers and toilets, light switches, garage, basement, laundry machines, thermostat (if dad permits it), counter tops, dressers and desks, TVs and remotes, keyboards and mouse, tables, chairs, etc.

The application of the disinfectant is extremely easy and does not require any clean up. It is as simple as spray on and wipe off which is done by our trained professionals to keep sensitive areas safe while treated.

Disinfectant is great for getting a surface down to a factory reset level acceptable by hospitals, factories, and homeowners alike. That means, the surface is completely barren of any bacteria, viruses, or mold. How your home or office should be!

What most mold remediation companies do not tell you is that these bacterias, viruses and mold spores inevitably grow back and almost immediately recolonize. Disinfecting alone requires constant treatment and continued application to remain effective. Most mold companies will try to sell you on continued jobs and know that your problem will return thus leading to a second job for them.

Pure Air puts our customers first and offers a proprietary preventative spray on top of our disinfecting services to make us a true one-stop-shop, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Pure Air’s Proprietary Preventative Treatment

We realized that current cleaning methods and protocols utilizing standard sanitizers and disinfectants may not be enough to solve and provide the protection we need in today’s world and certainly not in tomorrow’s.

Our biggest gripe is that hospital grade disinfectants do not offer long-lasting protection.

We have partnered with a group of scientists and developed a proprietary preventative spray that provides long-lasting protection and a deeper clean to high touch surfaces.

We are especially proud that our proprietary preventative spray uses no harsh chemicals, no toxic VOCs and no harmful metals. Once the proprietary preventative spray is bound to the surface, the molecule can withstand a series of normal cleaning procedures and surface activity… which means your newly disinfected and cleaned surface stays cleaner for longer even in the midst of normal use! This is more than any disinfectant can say.

Most standard disinfectants (even hospital grade cleaners used by Pure Air and our mold remediation competitors) allow surfaces to return to potentially dangerous levels shortly after a cleaning. This is unavoidable and an integral part of how bacteria, mold and viruses exist.

However, spraying our proprietary preventative spray has shown empirically to keep bacteria levels below harmful levels between routine cleanings and disinfectant services.

Standard Cleaning Products

*traditional cleaning products and disinfectants only last temporarily, leaving you exposed to re-contamination shortly after professional cleanings*

Preventative Spray Pure Air Nation

*Pure Air Nation’s revolutionary preventative spray keeps microbial levels low for long periods after a treatment and at much safer levels*

Long story short, Pure Air Nation has developed a proprietary preventative spray that cleans better and lasts longer. This is a service we can provide as a standalone or in addition to any mold remediation job, cleaning, or odor removal task. We warranty our services (an industry leading warranty) as we believe in the science and our product.

When our competitors tell you they use hospital grade disinfectant, please ask them why they do not offer any preventative treatment to keep you safer for longer! Only Pure Air offers both disinfectant and preventative. That is the Pure Air advantage. Do not be fooled by mold remediation companies offering disinfectant as a be-all, end-all service.

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