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How Does Mold Removal Work?

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We do putback, paint and fully restore your home to a level you can live in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can be in and out within 30 minutes in most cases. The size of the house and severity of the mold always can play a factor, however.

Depending on how much the mold has spread, you may need a professional. First, you can identify the extent of the damage by having one of our trust mold experts come out and survey your property. Then, if it is determined to be extensive, you will need a mold professional. Mold professionals are skilled at removing mold that has penetrated far inside porous materials. Similarly, they can fix, restore, and prevent mold from occurring in your property.

There is no set price for mold removal or mold remediation, and the cost can fluctuate depending on certain factors. Specific variables like the amount of mold, size of your house, the mold professional, potential water damage, black mold, and many other things can contribute to the price.

On average, it can cost between $600-$6000 for mold removal in Pittsburgh PA. However, we’d recommend consulting with a mold inspector with years of experience before hiring a professional to get a rough estimate of how much it’ll cost to fix the problem.

Mold testing can help identify mold exposure, mold growth, and the depth of the problem. This is a fairly inexpensive way to know for sure.

The average cost of mold removal can vary depending on how much the mold has spread, the mold removal company, and its location. Usually, mold removals cost between $600 for small removals and up to $6000 for larger ones. It is always better to treat sooner than later! To know further about potential mold, we suggest consulting with a professional who can give you an estimate first.

No, in most cases you do not need to leave your home during mold inspection or mold removal process. We can set up containment and isolate areas of concern which enables a safe working environment for both our trained remediators as well as those dwelling in the home.

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